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Cookie and Brownie Shake

Cookie and Brownie Shake
Serves 2 (if you want to share)

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  • 2 Boston Market chocolate chip cookies
  • 1 Boston Market chocolate brownie
  • 1 oz. vanilla syrup
  • 1 cup of your favorite vanilla ice cream
  • 4 oz. of half and half
  • Whipped cream and cherry (optional)


  • Rough chop or break apart cookies into large chunks.
  • Cut brownie into dime size chunks.
  • Add ice cream to blender.
  • Add cookies.
  • Add half and half and vanilla syrup.
  • Blend together but don’t over blend. Shake should be a little chunky.
  • Add in brownie chunks and mix with a rubber spatula. Scoop out shake into one large glass or two smaller glasses if you are sharing.