Fun Facts

Little-known food stats.

Here are some quirky facts about some of your favorite Boston Market dishes and ingredients that we bet you'd never guess.

We produce 15 million pounds of Mashed Potatoes each year, which takes 400,000 gallons of milk and 11.4 million pounds of potatoes.

Boston Market uses more than 112,000 heads of romaine lettuce a month. We serve more than 10.7 million pounds of vegetables per year.

More than 6,156,000 pounds of Green Beans are enjoyed at Boston Market restaurants across America each year. And Creamed Spinach is a hit around here. Every year we dish out about 5.4 million pounds of it - yum!

81,578,419 pieces of cornbread are served each year at Boston Market restaurants.

People love Sweet Potato Casserole year-round, not just Thanksgiving time. We serve more than 5.5 million pounds of it every year!

Any way you slice it, people love cheese! We go through 3.5 million slices of cheddar cheese each year.