Since the beginning, our restaurant has prided itself on making the ultimate desserts that finish off a special meal so well. From fruit pies to a dark chocolate layer cake, treat yourself to these happy endings!

  • Apple Pie

    A flavorful mixture of Granny Smith apples and Korinjte cinnamon topped with a tender, flaky crust.

    Nutrition & Allergens
  • Pecan Pie (regional item)

    Our traditional pastry crust filled with smooth caramel & topped with buttery pecans.

    Nutrition & Allergens
  • Chocolate Cake

    Layers of moist, unbelievably rich chocolate cake covered with creamy, semi-sweet chocolate frosting.

    Nutrition & Allergens
  • Freshly Baked Chocolate Chunk Cookie

    Rich dark chocolate chunks folded into a buttery cookie dough and freshly baked to perfection.

    Nutrition & Allergens
  • Chocolate Brownie

    A moist, fudgy brownie filled with semi-sweet chocolate morsels.

    Nutrition & Allergens


    A wide array of popular soft drinks, cold bottle & water, lemonade, iced tea, real milk and fresh-brewed coffee.