Market Bowls

Pick two of your favorite sides. Add our signature rotisserie chicken, roasted turkey or meatloaf. Sauce it up with Honey Habanero, Zesty BBQ, Sweet Thai Chili Garlic or gravy. Get a bowl to go - they're easy to eat anytime, anywhere.

  • Rotisserie Chicken Market Bowl

    Try a traditional bowl with mashed potatoes, sweet corn and rotisserie chicken topped with rich gravy.

    Nutrition & Allergens
  • Roasted Turkey Market Bowl

    A Thanksgiving feast anytime you crave it. Stuffing and green beans topped with sliced turkey and gravy.

    Nutrition & Allergens
  • Meatloaf Market Bowl

    Top steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes with meatloaf and Zesty BBQ sauce. Hearty and delicious!

    Nutrition & Allergens
  • BBQ Chicken Market Bowl

    A delicious taste of BBQ! Our signature loaded mashed potatoes, layered with sweet corn, BBQ chicken, and drizzled with zesty BBQ sauce.

    Nutrition & Allergens